Black History Month 2017

Class Portrait, Virginia, early 1900’s

For Black History Month 2017, we highlighted a place or event from history that involved Black educators or provided a brief bio of a Black educator. Some of these names and stories may be new and some may be familiar. All of them, though, deserve to elevated at every opportunity. (As with all entries, please contact us if anything looks amiss!)

  1. Anna Julia Cooper
  2. Ambrose Caliver
  3. Mary Smith Peake
  4. Robert Robinson Taylor
  5. Sara G. Stanley
  6. Cherry Hill Classroom
  7. Charlotte Louise Bridges Forten Grimké
  8. “Black Man Reading a Newspaper by Candlelight”
  9. Mamie Garvin Fields
  10. Charles Henry Thompson
  11. Ashburn Colored School
  12. Sara Roberts
  13. John Chavis
  14. Fanny Jackson Coppin
  15. Elizabeth Jennings Graham
  16. John and Mary Meachum
  17. NY African Free School
  18. Sarah Louise “Sadie” Delany
  19. Edwin Bancroft Henderson
  20. Bessie Bruington Burke
  21. Birmingham, Alabama – September 15, 1963 
  22. Berta Smith
  23. Baynard Rustin
  24. Elizabeth Duncan Koontz
  25. The Two “Colored School No 3” 
  26. Ed History and 2017 Oscar Nominees for Best Film
  27. Betsey Stockton
  28. Black educator displacement after Brown v. Board