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Tsundoku is a Japanese word that refers to the act of buying books and letting them pile up, unread. I deeply, deeply appreciate this word and hope English adopts it in my lifetime. I have shelves of unread books related to education – including history. I do, however, read as many as I can and when I’m asked for recommendations, suggest the following:

Bonus Recommendation:
Testing Wars in the Public Schools (2013) by Williams Reese. This was the first ed history book I read that intersected with my day job and it blew my mind. Reese goes in depth on the use of large-scale standardized tests in Boston in the 1840’s and there are entire citations from primary texts that sound like they could have been written today.

And in case you’re seeing a pattern – yes, there is a book called Classroom WarsIt’s by Natalia Mehlman Petrzela and it’s on my summer reading list. It’s about changes in language, curriculum, and school design based on political events in the 1960’s.

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Reddit’s Ask Historians answering questions as u/UrAccountabilibuddy (it’s one of the most tightly moderated pages on the website, which means none of the noise seen elsewhere on the site):

Answers about the history of:

history class

  1. Long Answer: When exactly were US students first introduced to the class “American History”? 
  2. Short: At what point did enough events happen in the United States for schools to begin teaching US History?
  3. Short: When did schools in the US start teaching US history?
  4. Short: What kind of history did schools teach in America in the years following the American Revolution?
  5. Short: In the early years of the USA, if I was able to afford a decent education, what history would I learn?

English class

studying languages

  1. What was foreign language education like for American students before the 20th century?
  2. Why don’t educated people learn Latin and Ancient Greek as often as they used to?
  3. How did children learn the alphabet before the well-known ABC song was first copyrighted in 1835?

college or university life in America


the school calendar

General answers about American education:

Answers related to the history of education of/about people of color:

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