Episode 9 – Dress Codes

Group photo of students, 18 months after being enrolled at The Carlisle Indian Industrial School  Source

Few things in education are as messy as the issue of dress codes. In this episode, we look at Indian schools that forced indigenous children to cut their hair and wear certain clothes, the evolution of uniforms in American schools, and the complicated mess that is policing what children put on their bodies.


  • Native Student Denied Wearing of his Beaded Graduation Cap (Native News Online)
  • School uniforms: A history of ‘rebellion and conformity’ (BBC)
  • ProCon.org on uniforms
  • Girls fight back against gender bias in school dress codes (NEA Today)
  • Girl sent to office for showing her collarbone (Huffington Post)
  • Guide to Teaching the Bill of Rights (ACLU)
  • Hey schools, stop body shaming girls! (Mashable)

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